Table of Contents

Written by Storm _____________________________________________________________

1. Catholic rituals of worship – Not biblical – Deceptive

2. Music industry – The biggest corruption of our youth

3. Yoga – A feel good deception of the occult and those who practice it

4. Drug addiction – Poisoning the place Christ can enter?

5. The UFO/alien deception – Is here and more is coming!

6. The Grays & abductions – What is it all about? Fallen angels

7. Islam – The differences between Christ and Mohammad

8. Dreams – End time dreams and visions – you decide.

9. Spiritual infiltration – Living life blind – The walking lost souls

10. The number 9 and it’s connection – A dark number?

11. Symbology is everything – The occult symbols of our world

12. The false gods – There is ONE who is supreme

13. Deceiving the children – The agenda to turn them against God.

14. Hate filled, lying and greedy world – Are you one of them?

15. How Christ is alive and able to speak to you.  Believe it.

16. Why the athiest is wrong – A world of intelligent design 100%

17. How to treat other fellow human beings – Do unto others as ?

18. How to have kids that will listen – You listen first?

19. Natural desasters – A world changing?

20. The destruction of the family – From within?

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