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4 Responses to “Feedback?”

  1. Edseverripit said

    No wonder everything about it is very believable! Are you writing this partially from your experiences?

  2. Storm said

    Thanks for taking time to read what I have posted so far of my story. I can say that there are areas within my story that is from personal experience. (The question is : To what degree, or depth?…This is something I won’t say since I wish for readers to decide what is believable and what isn’t.)
    For example, in my story, I show of our team’s commando intructors demonstrating getting hit full force and it not phasing them, hardly a flinch. This is done through the understanding of channeling ki energy. The Chinese call it Chi. When certain skills are truly mastered, one can take very powerful blows to vital areas of the body and not be phased by it. Even take multiple blows to vital areas and hardly flinch. Some may feel it’s a trick or illusion or ok, this part is for sure fiction! but it is not.
    Edited by Storm to enable space.
    “The order of nature is in a perfected form of recycling. If this were not true, our world would have collapsed long ago. To create order with such a perfection as is within our world, it takes intelligent design. To deny this is to say WE could create even an ant. Which, WE can not unless it is mechanical or a duplicate copy of what has already been created. And that’s as far as man can go with replicating nature.”

  3. Will continue with Chapter 3 if I see at least 3 comments here from others who wish to read more and who have liked the story so far.

  4. Received one so far on 12/13/06 privately.

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