To those who desire to know a little bit more about the author ( me ) of the World Of Deception – My writing is based on my personal experience of 40 plus years of interacting with others.  And my research of various topics of religion and the occult and being observant to what many aren’t observant to.


2 Responses to “About the author”

  1. mrbenator said

    Storm — in response to your questions on my homepage, I don’t have any intent to sell my work right now. I’m publishing it totally online for free.

    I would love to one day sell my work, but the process is way too arduous (for me) to follow through with right now. Honestly, I just want people to read it and enjoy it.

    With all that said, while it’s a tough marketplace for fiction writers nowadays, I’m in a big believer in the idea that the cream rises to the top – and that publishers, editors and agents will find the material if it’s out in the community and it’s worth investing in.

    And if I hear of anyone looking for a PROJECT 57 type book, I’ll forward them your way…

    Good luck!


  2. mrbenator said

    Whoops, AREA 57, not PROJECT 57…

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